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Wedding Music Coordination

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Wedding ceremonies/masses at the Naval Academy are services of worship and should reflect this aspect through the musical selections chosen. Music for your wedding must be sacred in nature or have some historical relevance associated with a composer of sacred/classical music. Many classical musicians composed works that were inspired through sacred origins. These compositions are most appropriate for a wedding.

Music that does not meet the above criteria or is deemed inappropriate for a worship service in the Naval Academy Chapel will not be performed in a wedding ceremony/mass. Pre-recorded accompaniment tracks are not utilized in Naval Academy worship services. If you desire, you may use a string quartet, wind ensemble, harp, or piano as well as organ for your wedding. Some couples desire to utilize a combination of the above or organ with instruments. All music and musicians must be approved by the Director of Chapel Music.
*** Note: Most often, music of secular origin/text, may be fine for the wedding reception.

The above policies and guidelines are upheld to ensure that weddings at the Naval Academy are treated with the utmost respect, importance, beauty, and seriousness associated with a service of worship.